Merkel 4.0: Durable politician at the age of troubles

摘要: Why is Merkel?

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After her great triumph, a new era called ‘Merkel 4.0’ begins.

As AFP reports, Chancellor Angela Merkel heads into a fourth term with no shortage of global challenges in her in-tray, as a world beset by crises increasingly looks to Europe’s most powerful woman to take center stage. 

Why Merkel? Strong in economy, flexible in immigrations, and effective in security

Now the complete victory gained by Angela Merkel’s team seems to be in accordance with everybody’s expectation. However, putting back the clock to two years ago, the situation was totally different in 2015.

In front of the worsening economic development, as well as the deteriorating public security, Merkel’s opponents confidently predicted that she will ‘lose job’ two years later in 2017. But now, since Merkel has been re-elected for a fourth term, the international media are wondering why she could win in election for too many times.

First, Merkel is strong in economic development. During her third term, Germany maintained the largest economy in Europe, with the highest rate of increase and opening degree.

The financial surplus of Germany in the first half of the year 2017 has reached a record high of 18.3 billion Euros. By contrast, the unemployment rate decreased from 10% the maximum to current 5.7%.

So it is safe to say that Merkel, the German Durable Politician, has performed a strong leadership in economy and hence proved her value, especially in an era of growing troubles: global financial crisis, Greek debt crisis, European refugee-immigrants crisis.

Second, in the field of (Middle East) refugee/immigrations and public security, Merkel shows her flexibility and high efficiency. She once drew criticism from the media and public for her policy of (over) welcoming refugees.

As a response, Merkel soon adjusted policy more practical by tightening the refugee admittance and gave consideration to every factions/groups involved, both the left and the right side.

In addition, she has successfully managed and promoted the social security in front of the related chaos and enhanced the security of the public. As a result, she is crowned by Pew Research Center ‘the most trustable leader’ in June this year.

Merkel’s fourth term to raise China-Germany All-round Strategic Partnership to a new level

Many Chinese readers may wonder whether Merkel’s policy towards China would change during her fourth term. In addition, how the relations between China and Germany would like to be in the next four years?

First, we have to admit that the ‘China issue’ is largely marginalized in German media and public opinions during this election. After all, Germans have too many urgent domestic issues to debate.

Second, there is no reason for neither Merkel nor any other German leaders to spoil the bilateral relations between Germany and China. On the contrary, there are thousands of reasons to raise China-Germany All-round Strategic Partnership to a new level during Merkel’s fourth term.

In an era of turbulence and anti-globalization, especially when Trump and the rising global populism came to power in America and many other European states, China and Germany are sharing too many common interest and ideas in various issues, such as global governance, international order reform, fair trade and opening maintenance, and so forth.

The Chinese President Xin Jinping held talks with Angela Merkel three years ago, announcing the establishment of China-Germany All-Round Strategic Partnership. Now at the age of increasing uncertainty and troubles, we hope these two responsible global leaders may promote their cooperation and boost the engine of globalization 4.0.

Dr. Wang Peng, Research Fellow at the Charhar Institute and Research Associate at China Institute of Fudan University.

Source: Asia Pacific Daily September 26, 2017





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